What we do

Charitable Endeavors of the Sacred People Foundation

Founded in 2013, the Sacred People Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 corporation. We believe that all people are sacred and our first initiative is dedicated to improving the plight of one very specific group of underserved human beings—Native Americans, especially Native American youth. We strive to improve their situation with honor, dignity and joy. We reach out to the country at large for support. The types of programs that we are interested in funding are programs from any recognized tribe that will positively impact the community. Your donation of time and or money will help make the following types of programs possible.

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  • Programs designed to increase the number of Native American, at-risk children who are prepared for academic success in school through an investment in all learning experiences, parental involvement, and extended time spent learning.
  • Programs designed to increase the number of Native American, at-risk students who access post-secondary education and are ready to succeed through an investment in student preparation and college access.

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  • Programs that increase the number of at-risk, Native American children who have achieved stable housing.
  • Programs that measurably improve the access to job training and the income of low- wage earners.
  • Programs that assist at-risk, Native American families and individuals to save and invest in future economic success through education, achieving affordable and sustainable housing, and building entrepreneurial skills and activities.

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  • Programs that strengthen infrastructure for local food production and availability.
  • Programs supporting sustainable agriculture.
  • Programs that increase the number of youth and adults engaged in agricultural and ecological restoration.
  • Programs that support promotion of and advocacy for local, renewable energy.

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Health and

  • Programs that improve the health of at-risk, Native American youth.
  • Programs which improve access to affordable, healthy food.
  • Programs that support food distribution points among Indian reservations.
  • Programs which increase the number of at-risk individuals who can access healthy foods through area farmers’ markets.

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Want to become a Volunteer?

Volunteers work at the grassroots level to support improvements in Native American communities. The change that you create is rewarding and lasts long after your service has ended. By being a volunteer, you are making an important investment in supporting Native American communities, especially their youth. You will build many friendships with other volunteers as well as the people you are helping. See what opportunities are available, where they are located, the skills required and the contact information for the organization requesting volunteers.

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