As a non profit 501c3 Foundation, Sacred People encourages
Americans to Celebrate Native Americans. So we have
taken on the task of raising awareness in the US of the many
unknown achievements and contributions Native American’s
have made to our American way of life. Our belief is that this
celebration will initiate a conversation among all Americans
about how important Native Americans are to society. Finally,
as idea people, we are committed to conducting our efforts
with Contribution, Aliveness and Joy.

Want to become a Volunteer?

Volunteers work at the grassroots level to support improvements in Native American communities. The change that you create is rewarding and lasts long after your service has ended. By being a volunteer, you are making an important investment in supporting Native American communities, especially their youth. You will build many friendships with other volunteers as well as the people you are helping. See what opportunities are available, where they are located, the skills required and the contact information for the organization requesting volunteers.

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