Please visit the Who We Are page to learn more.

We receive support from individual donors and corporate supporters. We do not receive state, or federal government funding.

Please visit the Who We Are page to learn more.

Yes, the Sacred People Foundation is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt charity. Our Federal Tax ID is 46-4253429. An independent, certified public accounting firm, as described by the IRS, prepares our Financial Statements. Your contribution to Sacred People Foundation is tax deductible.

We fund only nonprofit organizations that have programs designed to improve the plight of Native Americans. We emphasize services for the most vulnerable … Native American youth. The financial support we provide depends on what will meet the specific needs of each situation.

Native American youth are defined by the foundation as children, adolescents and young adults from birth through 25 years of age.

Amounts awarded and time periods vary widely and depend on the scope of the project. However, most grants are in the $10,000.00 and $25,000.00 range, and run from one to three years.

The Sacred People Foundation, Inc. has a grant process. Grant applications should be brief and submitted by the 10th of January, March, June and September. Prior to submitting a grant application, a grant concept inquiry e-mail must be sent to grants@sacredpeoplefoundation.org. SPF will determine if a project may fit the program parameters the Foundation is interested in. DO NOT send a grant application unless you have received a favorable response to your grant inquiry e-mail. You will be notified of the outcome of your inquiry whether favorable or unfavorable. See the Grants Page on this website.

The Sacred People Foundation is not in a position to accept non-financial donations at this time. We will gratefully accept monetary donations including stocks, bonds, annuities and other types of financial donations.

You may apply for multiple grants from the Sacred People Foundation, but each proposal must be for a distinct project.

After you have submitted your grant inquiry e-mail and have been asked to submit a complete grant application, the review process lasts between three and four months. Please see the Grants Page on this website.

The Sacred People Foundation does not share copies of successful proposals. We consider proposals the intellectual property of the applicant and do not share them outside the Foundation.

No. We do not accept unsolicited proposals per. se. We have a grant process that begins with a letter of inquiry. If your grant inquiry e-mail received a favorable response from the Sacred People Foundation, we will ask for a completed grant application. Please see the Grant Process section of the Sacred People Foundation website. Please understand that if we decline a particular proposal, it is not a reflection of our opinion regarding the merit of your idea, nor is it a rejection of you, the grant applicant. In fact, many current grantees have had earlier proposals turned down.

Complete instructions and materials for preparing your budget, and detailed information on indirect costs, will be provided in The Sacred People Foundation’s Grant Application.

Please see the Sample Letter of Agreement section under the Grants Page of this website.

One of our guiding principles states, “We must select grantees fairly.” We have processes in place to honor this principle including the requirement that proposal reviewers acknowledge our policy regarding Conflicts of Interest and Confidentiality. Please Note: With limited resources and large numbers of proposals, the Foundation is able to fund a limited number of worthwhile requests. Those same constraints limit the size of grants and may limit the number of years support can be given to any one organization.

No, not necessarily, we get many requests each year that fall within our program priorities. We are unable to fund all requests that we receive.

All LOIs are reviewed by the SPF Grant Department. After review, we may contact you for further information, and you may be asked to submit a full proposal to the foundation.

The Foundation Center maintains a comprehensive listing of U.S. foundations and the areas they fund. (need link to The Foundation Center).