Our Mission

Core Belief:
All People Are Sacred.

Our mission is to improve the plight of the underserved people of the world wherever we see the need.

We begin our foundation’s work by making people aware of the plight of one very specific group of underserved human beings—Native Americans. We will work to improve their situation with honor, dignity and new ideas.

Finally, no matter the population, no matter how we design the project, we are committed to conducting all our efforts with Contribution, Aliveness and Joy.

Who we are

The Sacred People Foundation is comprised of a Board of Directors and an Advisory Council consisting of Professors of Native American studies and Native Americans involved in tribal leadership.

The Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who act as the supervisory entity of the foundation. Each dedicates their time to help improve the plight of Native Americans, especially Native American youth. The board members use their unique talents in strategy, communications, financial management, design and visual arts to help the Sacred People Foundation, Inc. further its mission.
The Advisory Council serves many different purposes. One of the most important is helping us engage directly with Native American communities.

What we do

The Sacred People Foundation, Inc. helps improve the plight of a very underserved group of individuals … Native Americans.

We do this by engaging, educating and empowering Native American communities. We support programs that assist at-risk, Native American families and individuals to save and invest in future economic success through education, and by building entrepreneurial skills and activities.